Thunderbolt Digital is a digital agency that provides a number of services including SEO Surrey. We are dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest technology, and we’ve found something very exciting.

Phones are one of the fastest developing technologies, and Samsung may be leaps and bounds ahead of our imaginations. Samsung recently filed a patent with the Korean intellectual property office for a folding phone. The phone will have a second screen, presumably on the back, that will activate when the phone is closed shut. There are also rumours about the phone having a semi-automatic power folding action as one of the customizations.

Not all patents become a reality, but it is interesting to know what is going on the heads of some of the top engineers in the industry. That said, it has been reported that Samsung is working on smartphones with bendable OLED screens, so this may be less science fiction than we might think. Lenovo on the other hand, are currently developing a smartphone that wraps around the wrist, so it truly is the battle of the bendy screens.

Samsung has teased us with bendy screens before when they released a cheesy video showing off a mock product in 2013. However it is expected that Samsung will be playing it safe this time, as they don’t want to mess up the next Galaxy S8 release, so until they have perfected the technology we probably won’t hear about it for a little while.

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