As a successful web development agency, we here at Thunderbolt Digital frequently use Google Search Console to aid our business and that of our clients. Which is why when Google announced that they were releasing an update to their service, we wanted to familiarise ourselves with it and evaluate what this would mean to businesses. So read on to find out the web development agency Surrey take on Google’s new Search Console update…


Search Performance Report:

Google’s Search Performance Report function is similar to the Search Analytics Report, except it gives up to 16 months of data for comparison purposes. The new update allows you to filter web, image, and video search results for a better scope of your Search Performance statistics. You can also view click-through data in a number of categories, including queries, pages, countries, devices, search type, and search appearance. This will allow businesses to have a wider overview of the type of traffic that is generated to and through the website, improving our outstanding of overall search performance.


Index Coverage Status Report:

Another function that’s receiving an update is the Index Coverage Status Report. This report allows you to see which pages have been indexed and how to fix the pages that haven’t been indexed. It also displays changes to these indexed URLs over time and improvements to site indexing within a chosen timeframe. The update shows the indexed URLs in one of four classes: error, warning, excluded, and valid. This allows you (or your web development agency!) to identify how and where a URL has been misindexed and gives instructions on how to fix the problem.


AMP Status Report:

This updated report helps to fix errors that prevent your AMP URLs from appearing in Google search results with AMP-specific features. It shows which pages have issues, gives solutions to fix them, and then allows you to test the AMP URLs to ensure they are now valid. This new update is invaluable to businesses with a strong online presence as it enables you to clearly see the errors laid out in a simple and formatted way with advice on how to fix them quickly and swiftly.


So there you have it, a complete rundown of Google’s new Search Console update from a web development agency. For all your digital needs, contact Thunderbolt Digital’s Farnham office at 01252 413 757 or email us at