Thunderbolt Digital is a local Surrey digital agency that offers top class web design, social media management and online marketing among its many services. We are dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends in social media marketing to make sure our clients are as visible as possible online. Recently a collection of social media statistics have caught our eye, showing how a picture really is worth a thousand words, or perhaps even more!

Our digital marketing department are always scoping out facts and figures and found that in September 2015, Pinterest hit one hundred million users, despite being predicted to only reach fifty million by the end of year. Whilst some might find this surprising, Pinterest’s success has been attributed to it being a mostly visual medium. The quick clicking web user can take in many images in a matter of seconds rather than the minutes taken to read a piece of text or a blog post. The few seconds of a user’s attention is best captured by an image and a bright visual display will keep that attention more than a chunk of text. A concentration of images is clearly a pulling power for potential customers. E-commerce company Shopify reported that more orders have come to them via Pinterest than any other social media site. Other platforms have since taken up similar ideas, with Google adding star and bookmark features to their image search feature on mobile.

The appeal of images isn’t limited to social media. Users are more likely to stay on a website with a clear layout and a visual display, rather than searching through a wall of text to find what they want. Keeping users on your website longer will not only increase the chance of returns but it may also boost your website up Google’s search rankings to draw even more users. Pictures aren’t the only visual medium that can be utilised for great effect either. Adding a video to your site can deliver all the information of a paragraph whilst still engaging them with visuals.

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