As a local marketing agency Surrey based business, here at Thunderbolt Digital we are like to keep up to date with ever changing social trends. These include social media marketing, SEO, web design, mobile app development and much more. Our highly talented marketing team always makes sure to keep an eye out for current marketing and social media trends to make sure our clients are always as visible as possible for the potential clients. Recently, a move by technology giant Samsung has caught our attention with their clever new campaign to advertise their Galaxy S7 smartphone. They are producing ‘unboxing’ videos.

Much to the bemusement of parents and other users alike, the genre of unboxing videos has become a money making hit all over YouTube and is now one of the many social trends. Allow our marketing agency Surrey based team to explain. The principle is simple, a ‘YouTuber’ videos themselves unpackaging and reviewing a product from the box or packaging inwards. In many cases the product is simply unpackaged with no commentary given. Products include everything from well-known toys and games to Kinder eggs and other randomly assigned capsule products. Needless to say, this is an excellent marketing opportunity with millions of YouTube users watching these unboxing videos every day. Companies, who wish to use them for advertising purposes, send the most popular makers of these unboxing videos free stock. Alternatively, they may pay them to feature their products.

However, Samsung has gone one step further in utilising this social media trend for their own use. Instead of sending their products to famous YouTube personalities, they are making their own unboxing videos. The appeal of the videos from a marketing perspective lies in the fact it shows a ‘real person’ (as opposed to an actor in an advert) showing the product off and this perhaps promotes an idea of an honest reaction with viewers. Samsung has realised this and by starting off their series of unboxing videos with a child handling their phone and then moving onto different age ranges and genders, they are widening this appeal to all the audiences. The hopes lies in that, for instance, a parent buying a phone is more likely to believe another parent who unboxes and likes said phone.

What Samsung is doing differently, however, compared to those who take apart and assemble toys on YouTube, is that the product is not featured in any of the videos. It is unboxed and reviewed, however, the company makes sure that the viewer does not see the product in question. Not only do they use the unboxing trend but they also keep an air of mystery. If their product is complimented but the audience can’t see it, that only raises the allure for potential buyers.

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