As a local digital agency, Thunderbolt Digital are well versed in online marketing in Surrey, as well as web design, social media management, content creation, hosting and much more! We know that online marketing can be tricky to SMEs who are new to the game, so we like to lend them a helping hand whenever we’re able – because we’re just that nice! If you’re struggling to build brand loyalty online then it may not be your target audience that’s the issue, but the way you’re interacting with them, especially when it’s not holiday time.

Our online marketing Surrey team are here to help! Marketers can often forget that the behind the target demographic they’re trying to advertise to, there’s actual real live people browsing their phones and reading the social media updates they’re posting. It sounds like a no-brainer, but this disconnect can prevent brands from forging strong, lasting connections with their clients, which is one of the primary goals in marketing!

So what does this mean for corporate social media and online marketing? Well, we need to start off by looking at real life relationships. It may sound silly to some, but you’ll notice that friends and family who only interact during holidays aren’t nearly as close as those who regularly interact year round, and a couple that ignores each other except for Valentine’s Day probably don’t have much of a relationship! So how does this apply to brands? Well, you don’t want to be a company that neglects its customer base most of the time and then appears brandishing flowers and chocolates on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas in order to drum up interest!

So how can companies avoid becoming a ‘neglectful partner’ to their customers? It’s easier than you might think! Here’s a quick checklist on how to be the perfect Brand Valentine year round!

  • Remember to regularly engage with your audience! In the same way that you spend time with loved ones, don’t neglect to interact with your client base fairly often!
  • Personalise your updates so that they appeal to your target audience’s interests (would you get your valentine chocolates and flowers if they were allergic to dairy and pollen? No!)
  • A big part of successful relationships is remembering to give as well as take; don’t just shamelessly self-promote online, but create meaningful content and take actions that your target audience will actually appreciate
  • Speaking of meaningful content, make sure yours actually is! A handwritten message in a Valentine’s card means a whole lot more than a simple ‘To X, love Y’
  • Remember to listen! Like any good relationship, communication is key and online marketing isn’t a one-way street; you need to make sure that you listen to customer feedback, take it on board and respond accordingly

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If you’re struggling with your online marketing then sit back, relax, and let Surrey-based digital agency Thunderbolt Digital take care of things for you! With a full in-house team dedicated to scoring you long term results and forging client relationships, our marketing department can help improve your online presence and increase engagement online! If you want to know more about how Thunderbolt Digital can help you, drop us a line at 01252 413757 or email – our team would love to discuss our services and their benefits with you!