As seasoned veterans of social media marketing, SEO Surrey and more, Thunderbolt Digital are always here to give a few pointers to local SMEs struggling to get to grips with social media and the differences between each platform. We know that you want to rank for your keywords online as well as build up an online presence for your brand, so our SEO Surrey team thought we’d share some of our top tips about how to get started on Pinterest to help drive traffic from interested parties towards your website.

Source Yourself!

Pin from your site, rather than uploading from your computer (or phone!). Pinning a picture from your site will link back to it, meaning that anyone interested can go to the source and find out more about you! Anyone who re-pins something that you pinned from your site will also link back to you as the source, meaning even more possible traffic that can be directed to you – score!

Use That Text!

Pinterest may be an image-heavy site, but don’t neglect text! Create interesting board names, and keep SEO (and your keywords) in mind when writing board and pin descriptions. Instagram may be hashtag heaven, but using hashtags on Pinterest looks spammy and doesn’t fit with the site’s aesthetic, so generally avoid using these!

Context is also important, and adding interesting descriptions to your pins can make or break a click through to your site! If your aim is click-through as opposed to a simple re-pin, then make sure to intrigue your audience – give them a hook to reel them into your site! But make sure that your content is worthwhile and delivers what it promises, as hasty retreats can affect your bounce rates.

Don’t be afraid to be specific!

Instead of boards titled ‘Interior Design’ narrow it down per room with boards like ‘sitting room ideas’ or ‘bathroom designs’! Another example would be forgoing ‘bathing’ in favour of ‘bath bombs’ and ‘shower gel’. It’s very easy for boards to get too cluttered, and compartmentalising them in this way makes things easier to find and ensures that content pinned there will be extra relevant.

Don’t be afraid of overlap, either! Some pins you upload might belong in multiple boards, and that’s okay! Different people will be looking for different things, and you want your content to be found – just make sure there aren’t too many duplicate pins, or it’ll appear more spammy than helpful.

Get Creative!

It’s important to make any of your your original content that you pin pleasing to look at – Pinterest is all about visuals, after all! Make sure any photographs are well lit, in focus and nicely edited. Graphics that you might want to use for ‘how tos’ and such can be made using tools like Canva to give your pins a more clean and professional feel.

If you’re struggling with your social media, or need help with SEO Surrey, then the experienced team at Thunderbolt Digital are ready and waiting to help you and your business flourish! We work closely with our clients to improve search engine rankings, increase engagement and drive successful site traffic; if you’d like to know more about what we can do for you, then drop us an email at or give us a call on 01252 413757 – we’d love to work with you to help grow your business online!