Google is a powerful ally for your business, there is no doubt about it. You can have the best web design in the world but if you are not using the right tools (SEO) to make sure people find your website or your actual bricks-and-mortar store, you might as well not have bothered.

Google offers many business services, from paid AdWords to local map listings. We’ve gathered some links to help you get started on your SEO.

Top tips for making the most of Google for business:

  • Add your business to Google (if it’s a local business such as a hair salon or a bakery, make sure to add it to the local category. The categories can’t be changed afterwards). Pay close attention to and follow the verification process. When you have a verified page, details of your business will appear on the right-hand side of the search engine results page when people search for your brand or your company on Google. People can also review your business directly on Google (our page is here if you’d like to leave a review). Google+ represents an interesting potential for business networking. You can use Google as your page which leaves you free to comment and participate in Google discussions using your business persona rather than your own Google profile.
  • Add any contributors to your website as Google Authors. This enhances the search results for your content. The profile information for the Google Authors for your website will show up in search results, and as the Buffer Blog reported – people like to look at faces; having that profile picture in the results draws the eye to it.
  • Add a +1 button to your website and point it at your Google page. Modern Google business pages can now have all the social functions of a Google+ profile.
  • Update your website regularly and use keywords your potential customers will be typing into search engines. You may decide to specifically target a set of keywords using Google AdWords. The tools they provide you with let you see what kind of competition there is for your chosen keywords. Starting local is always a good option for many types of businesses (so, for example, “web design Farnham” for someone like us, moving on to “web design Surrey” when we get more ambitious).
  • Keep your Google+ business page up-to-date with the correct opening hours (if relevant), new photos and updates so that when people do find you, the last update isn’t from a year ago.


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