Thunderbolt Digital provide expert social media management services to the Surrey and Hampshire areas, as well as first class SEO and marketing techniques to really help put your business on the map. As keen users of social media to help promote our clients’ brands, we here at Thunderbolt are always on the look out for the latest news and developments across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more so that we can provide you with the most effective marketing services and advice. The latest in social media updates is that of LinkedIn, whose app has just received the first major upgrade since 2015! So, what’s new?

Our social media Surrey team noticed that one of the first things that stands out with LinkedIn’s newest app update for iOS and android is the vastly improved UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). The old app used to feel somewhat clumsy, and often more like a mobile optimised site than an actual app, but LinkedIn have obviously been taking notes from other social media apps, and some features are reminiscent of Facebook and even Tinder, but in all the best ways.

As a predominantly business-to-business social media tool, LinkedIn strives to keep something of a professional feel about it, but this can lead to users sometimes finding it just a tad too stuffy. However, with the newest app update, LinkedIn seem to have caught up with the times and have replaced the cumbersome ‘email’ option with an integrated messaging service instead, which feels much closer to natural texting than ever before. Some may question the ability to send (an albeit limited selection of) emoji to business contacts, but those with more ‘pally’ relationships with clients and providers may feel that this is just what they need! For more serious interactions, the app now allows you to attach files within the messaging service too.

Editing your profile and feed preferences are now easier than ever before, making updates on the go less of a hassle, and preventing the app from becoming too much of a flood of information – something that users have complained about in the past.

What do you think of LinkedIn’s latest update; a vast improvement, or still not enough to encourage increased usage of it on the go? Talk with us about it on one of our many social media platforms.

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