Are you utilising your company’s social media to its full potential? If you aren’t sure, take a good look at what you are doing and evaluate. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at your posts. As the experts in digital marketing in Surrey, here’s a few things to consider:



Try not to post the same type of posts all the time. The best way to maintain engagement is to vary what you post. Mix things up! If you have blogs on your site, post them on your social media to try and boost traffic onto your site. Or if you already do this, create a post about your employees. This will allow your customers to get to know your team and feel more involved. 



Don’t just copy and paste an idea you’ve found elsewhere. Adapt. Show your followers and potential customers who you are as a company. Have a look at your competitors, what are you doing that they aren’t? Capitalise on your point of difference! If you do something as a company for example, a team building activity, take a photo and post it! 



Hashtags are essential in social media now. It allows potential customers to search for that term and anything that has the tag will appear. So if you sell dog treats for example, and you post a picture with #happydogs on it, you will appear for someone searching for those posts and images. It is a great way to boost brand awareness and reach potential customers. 



Social platforms know we like to look at eye-catching images and they’ll show your posts with images to more people than ones posted without images! Images also work to grab the attention of someone scrolling through their feed. If you only post text, someone can skim past it without noticing it. 



What is the goal of the post? Brand awareness? Engagement? Think about this when you are devising your post. If you are looking for engagement, start a competition, ask for your customers experiences, talk TO them rather than about your customers . If the aim is website traffic, make sure to add your URL front and center as well as a call to action to entice them to click and go to your website. 


The Right Platform for Your Audience

The largest platforms for organic posting are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But there are big differences between them. Most importantly, the audience! Facebook is used more by those over the age of 35, and Instagram is more likely to be used by people between ages 16 – 30. It is important to tailor your post to the platform and audience. Everything from the image to the tone of voice can be adjusted for maximum engagement and benefit to your company. 

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