For marketing campaigns, visual media arguably has the most important impact. Snapchat is largely ignored for marketing campaigns because companies have not come to terms with how to use it.

However, something companies have neglected is the potential power of Snapchat. The social media platform is not just a craze, it is here to stay. With a user base of over 30 million; and data suggesting that over the last 10 years attention spans have dropped from 12 minutes to 5 minutes generally show that visual storytelling on an app is effective for marketing.

Consumers enjoy having interaction with a brand. Some are using the tool to humanise their brand on social media and promote special offers to their Snapchat followers.

As we recently wrote about Paddy Power’s use of Twitter for their humorous social media stunts, we see Snapchat as a perfect platform for anyone to follow this trend. We can look at legendary rapper Lethal Bizzle’s account, denchchat, as an example of an effective marketing campaign.

Lethal Bizzle’s snaps of his “Rari Workout” swept the nation; with a craze of students and fans videoing themselves performing a fist-pumping action in their cars. This has been able to reinvigorate his brand by promoting new music, tours and a popular clothing line, Stay Dench Clothing.

Rari Workout spawned a song of the same name which has been one of Lethal Bizzle’s most successful singles in his career; reaching 11 in the UK Singles Chart and 2 on the UK R&B Chart. Additionally, his clothing line has received numerous orders of the Rari Workout t-shirt.

Not only does Lethal Bizzle just go above and beyond to promote his brand and music. He repays his fans by giving discount codes to his clothing line exclusively to Snapchat followers. Furthermore, he promises a follow back on Twitter if you buy any of his latest singles to get higher up the chart. All through the connection and contact, he has through Snapchat.

On his Snapchat account, he gives fans access to his backstage gigs. A recent trend taken up by MTV at awards ceremonies, BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra at concerts to show exclusive behind the scenes content with various celebrities. Followers enjoy seeing this as it repays their faith in the brand with visual media content not available on Twitter and Facebook.

There is a large scope for success on Snapchat with the best ideas to use it being: sneak peeks, coupons, insider info and behind-the-scenes footage. However, while there are no measurements on the return on investment as business functions have yet to appear it still may be a while before Snapchat is used to its greatest potential. But looking into the future, it is a tool that should not be ignored especially as a platform for the younger generation.

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