Social media has taken the world by storm. It’s now a way in which most of the population communicate, and keep up to date on each other’s lives. It has become a platform in which advertisers have been using to promote products and services, due to the sheer size of the audience. If you haven’t got a social media accounts for your business, where have you been? You’re missing out on a huge boost to your sales. Social media marketing is popular in Surrey, so why not give it a go. Here are three simple things to do to get you started: 

Quality Content:

So where do you start? That’s easy. Marketing on social media is based around imagery and captions that draw you in, agencies in Surrey like us are always working on new ways to catch your attention when you scroll. Try using eye-catching imagery based around your product; if possible, make the post to relevant times to keep it in the public eye. Captions usually get put on the back burner but these few lines can change the whole post. You could use a relevant hashtag or tag a celebrity. Your posts need to make people want to see more, if it’s boring and bland it will be ignored. With social media marketing, the aim is to get people to visit your website and buy your product. Surrey marketing agencies will always encourage you to post regularly and about different products and topics to keep your audience interested. 

Scheduled Posts:

If you are a small business, your priorities are going to be on other things rather than Facebook posts. We recommend that you schedule posts to make your life easier. That way you can do all of that month’s social media marketing in one go, and they will post automatically on the days you choose. As a social media marketing specialist in Surrey, we are used to advising on all forms of social media, you should also use different social platforms depending on your target audience. 75% of Instagram’s users are in the 18-25 age range, whereas the largest age range of active Facebook users is 25-34 with 32%. If you are looking for a more creative audience, why not try Pinterest, or are your customers in a more professional capacity, try using LinkedIn.

Engage With Your Followers:

Another way to keep your audience engaged is through comments, if a client comments on your post, make sure to reply. This ensures that they stay loyal to your brand and are more likely to buy your product. Why not try a competition to keep your audience engaged, offer a prize or a discount to the winner. This will keep customers enthusiastic about your product. 


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