If you’ve never used social media tools for your social media management then you are missing out. Our social media team are based in Farnham, Surrey and these are some of the benefits we’ve seen from using social media management tools:


Generate new ideas for social media

Ever been stuck for content creation ideas? Social media management tools are great at helping you get out of this block and giving you some great inspiration. The marketing calendar provides you with upcoming events and key dates that you could plan content around. For example, on Get To Know Your Customers Day, you could use this as the perfect opportunity to ask your followers questions about themselves to learn more about them.


Helpful hints and tips

The tools come with super helpful information right at your fingertips. Like scheduling for example. They will suggest the best days of the week and time of day to post, in order to maximise your engagement and views. They can also suggest some great hashtags for you to use to organically increase the reach of your posts.


Listening tools

Some social media management tools come with super handy listening tools. So if someone mentions your brand’s name online or one of your products, you can view this information in one place. And let’s face it – you’d never be able to keep up with everything that’s said about you online by yourself; and who’s got the time for that anyway? So you can monitor the perception of your brand and find out what your customers want. Armed with this key information you can create content that your followers will want to see. It’s also a great way to connect with your audience and make them feel heard.


Everything in one place

Social media management tools like Hootsuite, Loomly or CoSchedule are perfect for planning and staying organised! With the calendar, you can see which posts you have published, which ones you have scheduled, and which ones are in your drafts. So you can easily see when you have content going out, and there’s just one place you need to look to see what’s happening. Also, the ease of being able to schedule posts in advance is a great bonus. So if you have a post going up on the weekend or in the evening, you can schedule it while you’re still in your working hours.


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