Vine has quickly become one of the fastest growing social media channels. With over 40 million users world wide, brands everywhere are quickly adopting this video based medium into their digital marketing campaigns. With Halloween poking it’s spooky head around the corner, our team of Surrey based digital experts have been thinking… Which brands have the best Halloween themed Vines?

Internet Explorer

It is no secret that the Internet hates  Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer. But what is great about their Halloween themed Vine is they play upon this whilst referencing the Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho, with the short clip simply concluding with a message about the new Internet Explorer – IE11.



The American home retailers Lowes  frequently update their Vine channel with fresh, innovative video clips, capitalising on what’s trending, and Halloween is no exception. Their latest vine utilises the trending hashtag #pumpkin showing how to use one of their cookie cutters when designing a pumpkin.


The famous cookie company Oreo is our personal favourite Vine account. Each vine they upload is funny, upbeat and interesting, directly tying into their brand Identity. Their recent Halloween themed vine references the classic Horror film, The Shining, tying in directly with the ideologies of this spooky holiday with an Oreo twist.



The Superstore Target’s Halloween themed Vine also features the use of pumpkins. What is great about this Vine is spooky twist added to the end of the clip, perfectly tying in with the key conventions of Halloween.


After searching the Internet for some of the best Halloween themed Vines, the fabric detergent brand Tide creates the best video clips during this holiday. Each vine References classic horror films such as The Ring, Psycho, and Paranormal Activity (to name a few) featuring the interesting, funny, and unique hashtag #ScaredStainless. Our favourite one, featured below, has to be the Carrie inspired Vine.



With their on going feud with Apple, its easy to forget that Samsung also manufacture and sell other electrical goods. Part of their #ThatSucks campaign, their recent Halloween themed Vine helps advertise their vacuum range whilst also providing a humorous twist to an unsuspecting Mummy.


We hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our favourite Halloween inspired Vines from around the web. If you have any Halloween themed Vines that are your favourite, or have created one yourself, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment, or send us a tweet to @Thunderboltdigi.

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