Thunderbolt Digital is a trusted digital marketing Surrey based company, with years of experience under their belt, aiming to help small businesses grow online and get noticed. As we are at the forefront of digital marketing and social media management, we are constantly on the look-out for ways to adapt and move within one of the most fast-paced industries in the world.

With 2017 approaching quickly, we are starting to look at what we may expect from the industry in the upcoming year. Although it is almost impossible to predict trends with any relevant accuracy, we can look at the high-level marketing movements based on the success of approaches in 2016.

One particular interesting prediction is the continued mobile dominance. Mobile-based digital marketing has seen a new lease of life after improvements to their design have enabled new ad units to be opened up. It is obvious that our mobile phones are part of our everyday lives, however, it is not easy to see how they evolve even further. However, it may not be the hardware that develops as much, but instead, the experiential content delivered to the device.

Secondly, video content is considered king. Content is always going to remain a core focus of digital marketing strategies and as exciting as advancing technology can be, to consumers, it can be seen as daunting. However, in marketing, there is evidence of an upcoming shift towards the development of content, particularly for digital channels.

The previously mentioned predominant shift to mobile will also allow marketers to incorporate the viewer’s experience with the brand. Enhancements such as second screening or augmented reality experiences are all expected to develop further. One example can be the expected rise of product placements within a virtual reality space.

If these expected developments have got you frenzied, then don’t worry, Thunderbolt Digital are a dependable digital marketing Surrey based agency, and we would be thrilled to help your business in ways you wouldn’t expect. With an in-house team full of digital experts, as well as years of experience, we can help local businesses shine. If you would like to know more, then why not drop us an email today at or give us a call at 01252 413757; we will be happy to help!