Thunderbolt is a digital marketing agency in Guildford, but we know that the whole world is affected by the Fifa World Cup this 2018. With the football currently on various different television channels, the matches have millions of viewers – the England vs Panama game alone had over 14 million people watching. Since the World Cup is so popular, it makes a very good opportunity to capitalise on with your company’s digital marketing activities.

We already know that the World Cup is incredibly popular, but television advertising space is very expensive and will be even more so due to the amount of traffic the channels are receiving at the moment. So if your business can’t quite afford that, there are other ways to utilise this marketing opportunity. Social media is a great way to kick-start your digital marketing campaign in relation to the World Cup, since it is such a hot topic online right now. Fifa’s official world cup Facebook page has 44 million followers and although its Twitter page only has 6.56 million, it is constantly updating and sharing new content. So, if your company is sports-related or is able to tailor its marketing campaign to become more World Cup-relatable, then we at Thunderbolt, a digital marketing agency in Guildford, support your decision. Hashtags such as #Football and #England are constantly trending and although there are more specific World Cup hashtags as well, some of the broader searches might relate to your business better.

This sports-related digital marketing may not work for every business, but incorporating the Fifa World Cup into your digital marketing communications and campaigns in some way will likely have an excellent response from viewers. If you would like additional information on utilising trending events to promote your business from an expert digital marketing agency in Guildford then please get in touch with our team. Email or feel free to call us on 01252 413757 to see how we can help you with your digital marketing campaign.