You may have some fantastic and engaging posts on social media, but what’s the point if no one’s seeing them?  Make sure to post when your customers and followers are online to give your amazing work the attention it deserves. As one of the leading marketing agencies in Surrey, we have insider knowledge of the best times to post and how to choose this based on your target audience. 

The Best Times to Post

As a general rule of thumb, the best time to post on any social media platform is on weekdays at around 11 am. This makes sure that your posts are ready to be seen when people take their lunch breaks. The least effective time to post is over the weekend, especially Sundays. It is also important to think about which time zones to consider, but obviously, this depends on the size of your brand. If you only operate within one country, then this won’t be an issue. You need to discover where the majority of your customers are based, and try to post at optimal times for that area. 

When to Post on Facebook?

The ideal time to post on Facebook is  Tuesdays to Thursdays between 8 am to 3 pm; the best times being Wednesday at 11 am and from 1 pm to 2 pm. This however does vary depending on the audience you are trying to reach. For consumer goods, the best times are Wednesday at 1 pm and Friday at 11 am. The best times for media is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 5 pm and Friday from 8 till 9 am. For tech, it’s Wednesday from 9 am till 12 pm. Lastly, finance Facebook posts do best on Wednesdays at 12 pm. Sensing the theme here? Post on Wednesdays!

When to Post on Instagram?

Instagram is the second most logged-in social media site for daily use, and this is only set to increase, so if you’re not using it, you need to think about doing so! In general, the best times to post on Instagram are Wednesday at 11 am and Friday from 10 am till 11 am. Instagram, out of all the different social media platforms has some of the most varied peak times meaning you can’t go too far wrong.

To post about consumer goods, the best time is Wednesday at 3 pm. For media posts, you want to be posting on Friday at 9 am for best results. Also between 8 and 10 am and 2 to 4 pm on any weekday is a pretty safe bet. The ideal times for tech companies are interestingly Wednesday at 6 am and 9 till 10 am, and Friday from 7 am to 10 am. 

How Can We Help?

Here at Thunderbolt Digital, one of the leading marketing agencies in Surrey, we have excellent experience in social media marketing, across a variety of different platforms for a range of different businesses and brands, all targeting a slightly different audience. We can help research your target audience, identify the best times and platforms to post on to achieve the best results for your business. Check out our case studies to see how this has worked for other businesses.

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