When taking on new social media clients, we always conduct an audit. But this isn’t the only time we do so! We regularly take a step back to review our current marketing efforts, identify improvements and create a plan. Here’s a guide from the experts in Surrey web design on how you can conduct a social media audit yourself:



Take a look at your current bio. Is the messaging clear and concise? Does it convey what the brand is about, where you’re located, and your point of difference? Make it as easy as possible for people to find you. Include a link to your website and contact details such as your phone number and email address. 


Content – Messaging and Imagery

Take a look at the content you’re putting out. Is the messaging clear and concise? Are the images engaging? Ensure that there is consistency between all your social media channels. For example, making sure your username and profile picture are the same, or at least similar, this will help your audience to identify your brand. 



Another thing to consider as part of your social media audit, is the performance of your content. What do your audience resonate with? Which posts get the most engagement? You could even ask your followers what posts they like to see from you, so you know what to include more of. 


Your Audience


Take a look at who your audience is. The social media channel will have an insights page, so you can view the age and gender of your audience and the area they’re located in. Some channels even show you what day and time most of your audience are active and engage with your posts. This information about your audience is really helpful when creating your social media plan. Is the age of your audience what you thought it would be? If it’s not, you may need to adjust your content strategy.



Take a look at your number of followers, who you’re following, and the ratio. If you’re looking to increase your visibility or audience network, consider expanding the people you’re following to include relevant businesses or individuals. 



Positive reviews are a great trust indicator. In fact, 90% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. Do you have a reviews page on your social media channels? If this isn’t possible as it depends on the platform, consider showcasing your reviews from Google or Trustpilot. 



Consider how people can find you on social media. What are you doing to increase your visibility? To get traction organically, are you using hashtags and location tagging? If you have the option to use paid advertising, are you promoting or boosting any of your posts?


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