Many businesses are capitalising on the range of social media platforms available online as a way to promote their business. In 2022, Facebook still leads the way in terms of active users online. Thus, all businesses should make the most of Facebook as a platform to reach new customers. As one of the leading marketing agencies in Surrey, we’ve written this guide to show you how to set up your Facebook business page, in just a few simple steps. 

Facebook Business Pages – An Overview 

Facebook pages are public Facebook accounts that can be set up by brands, artists, public figures and organisations. A business can use pages in order to share contact information, updates, dates for key events and whatever else they feel is relevant to show their audiences. 

How to create a Facebook Page for business

Addressing Security Concerns

Prior to signing up for your Facebook business page, you’ll first need access to a personal Facebook account. It’s important to note that any information from your personal account will not be visible as part of your business page. 


Facebook pages are managed by one or more page administrators. Administrators are also people with personal Facebook accounts. Thus, your personal account essentially functions as the key to your business page. For other administrators, their personal accounts will function also as an access point to unlock specific roles and capabilities. 

Step 1 – Sign Up 

Simply put, the first step, as you can imagine to creating a facebook business page, is to sign-up. On Facebook, you should be able to navigate to a section that will allow you to create a page. From here, you’ll be able to enter your business information with a real time preview which will show you what this information will look like on your page. You’ll be asked to provide your business name as well as the category in which your business fits e.g. cafe, hotel, 


Step 2 – Adding Photos to Your Business Page 

Secondly, you’ll need to upload a profile and cover image for your page. Use this as an opportunity to create a good first impression for your brand. Ensure your images are relevant to your business in a way that is easily identifiable in relation to your product or service. 


For profile photos, many businesses may opt to use their business logo. However, if you’re already a public figure, a picture of your face can work as well. 


Step 3 – Creating Your Username 


Your username, or vanity URL, is the name in which people will find you under when searching on Facebook. 


Facebook usernames can be up to 50 characters long. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use extra characters just for the sake of it. A good name is both easy to type and easy to remember. In most cases, it’ll simply be your business name or a similar variation of that name. 


Step 4 – Creating Your First Post 

Before you invite anyone to join your Facebook page, you should first ready page with some valuable content. On your page, you may create your own posts as well as share relevant information from websites, news sites and thought leaders in your industry. A good introductory post might introduce your business to your customers. It’ll explain who you are and how you can be contacted. You may also wish to include a link to your website so that people on your page can go there to find out more details about your company. 


Facebook business pages are a great tool for businesses to connect with their audiences. They provide a cheap and simple way to increase brand awareness and gain new customers and sales. For further success with your page, be sure to have a frequent schedule for content and communicate with your audience whenever they like or comment on your posts. 


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