Our Marketing Agency in Surrey always stays on top of internet culture. The word “meme” was coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976 in his book, The Selfish Gene. However, memes as we know them today began to gather steam in the late 2000s. Meme culture would continue to expand with the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But what does the rise of meme culture mean for marketing? This blog, from a digital agency in Surrey, will cover everything you need to know

Why You Should Include Memes In Your Marketing

The great thing about memes is that on top of being humorous, they also connect people. They bring together communities online. Take, for example, the Bernie Sanders mittens meme. Not only was it humorous, but it also brought people together in a positive way during a difficult year. Here are a few additional reasons to include memes in your marketing strategy. 

High Engagement

In the modern world, many of us spend a considerable amount of our day on social media. Social media for marketing is already a great tool for reaching new audiences and connecting with them. Thus, by using memes on social media, you present a fun, creative, and unique way to build a relationship with your audience and reflect your brand identity. 


These days, many brands are adopting a more relaxed and informal approach to customer communication. Doing so prevents your brand from appearing robotic and instead more relatable. What makes memes so funny and entertaining is that they are often very relatable.

By incorporating memes in your social media campaign, you can show off a more human and relatable side to your brand. 

Free And Easy To Make 

Anyone can make memes. On top of that, they are also free to make. These reasons are what have allowed memes to explode in modern-day internet culture. They require no photo-editing skills to make and can even be generated for you with online meme generators. The fact that they are so easy makes it that much more foolish to not use them as a marketing tool. 


One problem many companies face as part of their digital marketing strategy is that it is easy to be boring and robotic. Social media platforms are already flooded with company advertisements all trying to pull users towards their service. For this reason, it’s important to stand out, memes provide you with an easy and cheap way to do this. They can also help your audience relate to your brand and can often be much more engaging than many generic social media advertisements. That being said, have fun and get creative by using memes within your digital marketing strategy. 

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