If you are anything like us here at Thunderbolt, you are constantly staying tuned for the latest innovative tips and trending topics.  The most recent hot topic that has caught our attention is Facebook’s ‘Next Era of Personalised Experiences’ announcement that was made earlier this September, announcing new products that were in the works for businesses online.

Now, you may be wondering; why is this relevant? Why is this announcement among hundreds important? The answer is this – the products that Facebook is planning to release could potentially revolutionize the way you use social media for your business. 

Here is a rundown of everything that was mentioned in this announcement, and how these new modern products can be utilised to achieve business goals and reach.


Starting conversations with businesses

According to Facebook’s data bases, 75% of adults globally want to communicate with businesses in a more colloquial way, via messaging. In the 21st century, it has become the social norm for us to communicate with friends and family over messaging platforms and social media, and this is now starting to transfer gradually over to the business world.

Facebook proposes a new way of communicating with businesses, directly linking messaging platforms to ads. 

You may already encourage target customers to message you via your ads, but using this tool will personalize the user experience by choosing the default messaging platform depending on what the customer is most likely to use. 

Facebook is also encouraging businesses to allow user ease by creating the option to add a whatsapp click-to-chat button to your Instagram profile, offering an alternative, easy and modern way to get in touch.


Generating leads and gaining customers

Are you a small business struggling with lead generation? If so, this will be a dream come true. 

Currently in the process of testing, Facebook will hopefully be releasing a Messenger add-on which will allow consumers to easily request a quote from a business by filling in a personalised questionnaire. This is great for those who are short on time, or those who want to create a more professional and efficient feel to the way they take inquiries. 

Facebook will also be optimising Instagram for lead generation – so stay tuned for that.


Communication Management

This is a great one, and will definitely benefit a whole host of businesses on all levels. What is being proposed is essentially a way of managing social channels, without actually managing them. To put it simply – automation. 

This doesn’t mean you will never have to touch your social channels again, it simply means that whilst you focus on the more important things, such as leads and business growth. Facebook’s hot new tool will manage messages across Instagram and Messenger, and even potentially manage emails through Inbox or send remarketing emails through Facebook Business Suite. 

File Manager, a feature that allows creation and management of content within FB Business Suite, will also be introduced alongside the ability to conduct post testing.

All in all these features will save you a lot of precious time.


Other Key Features

Alongside these new tools mentioned above, Facebook will be potentially adding features such as Work Accounts, a new way for employers to manage employees accounts and log into Business Manager without having a personal account. Work Accounts is still in progress and will be tested for the remainder of the year. Ads will continue to be tested, and soon, hopefully, Facebook Business Explore will be expanded, allowing people to find new and relevant businesses with ease.

These new products on offer are going to create a new wave of business management over social media, revolutionising the way we conduct business and incorporating more content from creators and local businesses. This is something that is important to Thunderbolt as a leading digital marketing agency in Surrey, and we can’t wait to see where these exciting new features will lead.


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