A new year brings new opportunities! Now is the time to reflect on our successes and on what we could improve. One of the biggest challenges for small businesses can be taking a critical eye to what you have been nurturing. Thunderbolt is an award winning digital marketing agency for Guildford and the surrounding areas. And we are perfectly positioned to guide you through the minefield that is social media.


What worked well?

This is the best place to start. Looking at the analytics for your channels will quickly identify your strongest performing content. Take stock of whether the time, the day and what type of content generated the most engagement. Focus on shares, saves, likes and comments. When you can identify your most successful content you can then use these learnings as a foundation for what you want to share over the year ahead. 


What did not work well? 

Be honest with yourself here. This might be a surprise, something that you thought would perform but just did not resonate with your audience. We want to learn from this content and understand what needs improving moving forward. 


So, what are your next steps?

It’s time to update those channels and map out your strategy for a year of success. If you have too many platforms to manage, the first step can be as simple as identifying your leader for engagement and focusing your efforts here. As a digital marketing agency in Guildford, Thunderbolt has a team of social media experts at hand should you want help in getting the best plan in place for the new year. 

Here at Thunderbolt, our experience in social media has earned us a position among the strongest digital marketing agencies in Guildford and the surrounding areas. We work with our clients to use the best tools to maximise their social media opportunities. Thunderbolt Digital will help you assess which channels are most effective for your brand. 

Our team will consider the best content to reach and maintain audience engagement. Are you making the most of user generated content? How are you encouraging engagement from your audience? We have our fingers on the pulse and can share our knowledge of how new service additions such as instant shop and the launch of developing platforms such as TikTok. We will work with you to identify what’s best for your business and then create a master plan to reach your goals.


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