Thunderbolt Digital’s social media marketing team are here to help your business achieve wider interaction and gain more customers. Our services are tailored to each client but there a few more general tips that could benefit any growing business. We’re feeling rather generous today so thought we would share with you our top tips for what not to do when it comes to using social media channels.

Pursuing social media strategy with no overall plan or long term goal

It is important to see each different social media channel, not as a separate task, but rather as an element of a larger initiative. Each channel; from Facebook to Pinterest should of course be used according to its strong points but the content should all present a consistent image of your business. Be sure to share a link to your website across all your channels to ensure that followers from each are directed to what you offer as a business. By having a unified goal for your social channels (to drive traffic to your main website) you will have a clear idea of what you should be doing when it comes to your social media marketing strategy.

Blogging for the sake of blogging

Content is key to boosting your website’s search engine rankings, but make sure that your blog posts (as well as core website content) are all relevant to your products or services. Each one should also carry different content; as the algorithms of Google’s monitoring software gets ever more advanced it increases the likelihood of penalisation due to content duplication. By keeping a blog fresh and relevant you will also make it more attractive for people to read.

 Not responding to interaction

Social media is a fantastic method of interacting with current and potential customers, so be sure to reply to all comments or queries across all your channels. This is especially important in social media due to the public nature of it – if people can see that you’re an engaging brand that talks to people they will be more likely to interact with you themselves. Aim to respond to interactions within an hour or two.


Yes; getting involved with what’s trending on social media can have the potential to get your name out there and allow a wider audience to see your content, but you need to be asking yourself whether these are actually the people who you need to be targeting. Think about whether the trend is relevant to your business and likely to be attracting people who would be interested in what you have to offer. One well placed #hashtag or @handle is likely to be far more useful than throwing in every single one under the sun.

Spelling mistakes

This goes for all published content, so be sure to check your entire online presence for spelling and grammar mistakes! When engaging in conversation on social media you need to remember that you are representing your business, so spelling mistakes will reflect a lack of attention to detail.


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