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With issues like the Syrian refugee crisis, it seems that donation drives are at an all time high, and it’s not uncommon to see various contacts on social media sites posting links to pages such as JustGiving for one noble cause or another. Maybe you’d like to help a little more, but everyone seems to be using a different site, and all of them want you to sign up first, and once you’ve done that you then fall victim to the never ending slew of emails in your inbox each day decrying the state of the world whether it be corrupt governments, national disasters, or animals being unfairly put down. If only charity could be a little more convenient…

Well, it seems that Facebook have had a similar idea, as they’ve recently launched a new integrated fundraising tool that will allow Facebook users to donate to various causes without ever leaving the website! Facebook are already working on improving this donate button so that it can be available on all pages and posts, enabling users to donate not just from Facebook but without having to navigate away from their news feed.

The increased use of social media and sharing options means that sites like Facebook have become invaluable for those wishing to raise money for charitable causes, especially considering the phenomenon of ‘donation shaming’ where peer pressure ironically has a positive effect; it is thought that people who would usually be more stingy are being effectively shamed into giving more than they normally would by their more generous friends – for who wants to be the one seen to be giving £1 when everyone else is giving £10?

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