Thunderbolt Digital know that social media marketing Surrey is an industry which is booming like never before, the results of which are especially apparent when it comes to Facebook, who now see the majority of their revenue come from Facebook ads. With advertising contributing so hugely to the site, it only makes sense that Facebook would want to push this feature, and would aim to do so first and foremost by improving their service, which is why we’ve been hearing about a Facebook Pixel update.


Facebook pixel is a handy piece of code that you can insert into your website to help measure, optimize, and build audiences for your Facebook ad campaigns. Pixel is able to tell you how many people purchased something on your site after clicking your ad, or even just seeing it on their Facebook feed; in the past, attempting to find out these sorts of metrics would require the use of sites like and Google analytics, as well as a certain amount of guesswork, but Pixel allows the exchange of data between your website and Facebook, making it much easier to alter your ads to increase conversion, or set up retargeting campaigns.

Facebook Pixel is able to track clicks, conversions, and other metrics for your advertisements, making it one of the most useful tools for Facebook advertisers, and it looks like it’s about to get even more useful; Facebook have announced an update for Pixel, which can now capture more contextual information, including page structure and actions undertaken by users, including registration, purchases, and contacting your team. This is supposed to help businesses better understand and categorise their customers and, in turn, make ads that appear on Facebook more relevant and useful.

Will You Be Affected?

If your Pixel was created before 20th April, then these changes won’t come into effect until 20th May, but if it created after this date then the changes will be seen immediately. For those of you not too keen on these new changes, you can use a certain line of code to prevent Pixel from sending the additional information proposed in the update.

If you haven’t even heard of Facebook Pixel until now, or perhaps are having a bit of trouble actually using it then it sounds like you’re in need of social media marketing Surrey experts: Thunderbolt Digital! We have years of experience when it comes to marketing on social media and have helped many of our clients grow their exposure and see greater returns on the ad spends with us. To find out more about how we can help your online strategy, call us today on 01252 413757 or email and our team can explain what we do or even set up a meeting to properly discuss your business goals.