Here at Thunderbolt Digital, we’re big fans of utilising the power of social media marketing to help promote our clients brands and products. We thought we’d show you something interesting you can find on your own Facebook account; an insight into you and your ad preferences!

Ad preferences are a way that Facebook can take information from your account and sort your activity into what it perceives as your ‘interests’. This data is then used by advertisers, allowing them to create adverts that are more beneficial and relevant to you. This list is by no means limited to your “Likes” or specified interests. The list also includes Facebook’s assumptions about you, although you can delete the “interests” you disagree with.

This information is gleaned from Facebook mapping your behaviour and how you interact with adverts. For example, if you liked a post about Vivienne Westwood, subsequently Vivienne Westwood will appear in your list of interests.







Sounds a bit invasive doesn’t it… well.. You can remove interests from your account, however, this does not affect the amount of adverts you see, just the relevance of your interests.

In case you want to, though:

– To access your ad preferences click the ‘Adverts’ page in your settings, here you can edit your permissions to adverts.

– By clicking the last option and choosing to ‘View ad preferences’ here is where you can remove as many interests as you please.

As we said before, though, removing all interests from your account will only make any adverts you see less relevant, so, you might as well keep them on.

A browser displaying Facebook's Advertising settings | Social Media Marketing Surrey








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