Chinese Whisper Thunderbolt Social Media Surrey
Don’t let your business’ message get miscommunicated on social media

At Thunderbolt, one of the things we do is provide search engine marketing, social media Surrey and campaigns for our clients. Social media has become an important tool where many of its users view the latest content related to a wide range of topics and businesses. Promotion for your product, services and content from your website can all be utilised on there. There is no doubt that it is often the source of first time information for many users.

Take the news for example. There was a time when members of the public would contact the media to tell them when there was a newsworthy story breaking in their area but now it’s more likely that they will now post on Twitter or upload a video of the event onto YouTube. In some ways, we’ve all become journalists on social media. This shows people will go on social media to source content and that content that interests them could be your business’ social media account.

However, simply making information available isn’t necessarily enough for today’s society. There is an expectation to be able to choose what is read which you can respond to by contributing your own content and opinions. Just one tweet can reach an extraordinary amount of people instantly all over the world and can get the same amount of coverage that a mainstream media outlet would.

On social media you choose who you want to follow with the knowledge of the kind of stories that are likely to appear in your news feed which makes you feel more in control of what you know and what you want to know but at the same time, people expect some of the content on their feed to be selected for them. Businesses can use this by curating what they want people to read. Social media channels offer news and information based on who you follow, what you’ve been posting and what you are interested in. It may know your likes and interests better than you do.

A downside of getting all your news from social media is of course that you cannot always be certain of the authenticity of what you’re reading. Like Chinese whispers, by the time you read about an event, you may be hearing about it a very long way down the line. What you are looking at may have been shaped by a mixture of different people before it’s on your screen. However, as a verified business account that is managed properly, the professional outlook and growth can ensure that is downside is not the case with your business’ account.

This is where the Thunderbolt experts come in; as we can manage your social media account achieving wider interaction and gain customers as a result. Social media has changed the landscape for businesses. It expands our horizons and it can put you in touch with your target demographic which our team at Thunderbolt can use to boost the growth of your brand and social media Surrey.

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