As your local Surrey digital agency, Thunderbolt Digital are always making sure that our team stays on top of and up to date with the latest social media news and updates so that we can manage our clients’ social media accounts to the highest standard possible. Regular readers of this blog will be aware that we post updates about Twitter and Facebook most often, but this week it’s Instagram’s time to shine with their latest announcement to improve UX (user experience) with the addition of an exciting and essential new feature – multiple account management!

Those with multiple Instagram accounts can now breathe a sigh of relief – after months of testing, their latest update is set to introduce the option to add and manage multiple accounts on the android and iOS apps! Obviously this isn’t something that applies to everyone, but for those of us who are in charge of company and client accounts, it will now be much much easier to switch between company and personal accounts without having to faff around logging in and out again every few minutes – we could even make a case for this new feature being something of a productivity-booster! Our social media Surrey team couldn’t be happier!

Users of the photo sharing site have been begging Instagram for a feature to help them manage multiple accounts on one device, and the previous inability to do just this has lead to the rise of a number of third party clients and apps that allowed users to view feeds and post across multiple accounts at once. With the implementation of Instagram’s new update and the new official feature that answers current users’ pleas, the company are also set to restrict access to third parties, meaning that come June the only way for users to view multiple feeds will be via official channels (though this is more of a loss for the third party apps than regular Instagram users!).

Will this new feature help you manage your social media accounts with greater ease? Let our social media Surrey team know by chatting with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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