The impact of social media has made our attention spans become shorter and shorter. In fact, it’s taking a lot of effort to focus on this blog right now without getting distracted by BuzzFeed and Twitter or checking Instagram and Snapchat on my phone.

Here we give you five reasons why visual content on social media, and therefore marketing campaigns, has become important to your strategy and engaging consumers. With growing use of Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube and Snapchat; while Facebook and Twitter prove to be a perfect platform for sharing, we understand the importance of visual media.

  • The speed at which the brain processes information is increased through images. Which is why, with short attention spans, you have a chance to use images as a marketing aid. You also have the opportunity to communicate more value, faster.
  • Images can increase social engagement because they are perfect to share if the content is right. Social engagement is becoming a necessity for the marketing strategy because it broadens the scope that a stunt or a post reaches. Word-of-Mouth (WOM) marketing has become a powerful tool in marketing that it cannot be ignored and visual content regarded as the most stimulating for this.
  • Our Pinterest Account is a great example of the increase of visual content. Thunderbolt Pinterest | Web Design Camberley
  • Posts accompanied by visual media are more likely to increase page visits than those without. This is because consumers are more attractive to what they see rather than what they read. Facebook posts with images receive double the comments and photo albums receive a much higher proportion of engagement.
  • Visuals sell your product without the consumers having to read their descriptions. Due to this, viewers can make their own decisions on your product without feeling the pressure from a sales-pitch-like post from you. This is a simple way to promote your business without customers feeling like they are being spammed.
  • Pictures get your point across faster. They break up all the online content we read and provide a snapshot of your point. It is easy to digest and the user wants to take in as much valuable information as quickly as possible.

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