Here at Thunderbolt Digital, web design Surrey and developments in social media are our forte and we utilise the power of this to market and promote our client’s brands and products. In addition to this, we like to discover recent updates social media platforms release and keep you up to date with recent changes. Today specifically we are looking at what changes were made recently to the upcoming popular social media platform: Instagram…

Instagram turns 7 years old this October and over these years consumers have been bombarded with many changes within the app. Originally Instagram was only used for young adults to share pictures between their friends and family. However, in recent years Instagram has adapted and changed quite significantly. Due to Instagram users growing to over 500 million users, changes needed to be made in order to meet all of their customers need.

Recently Instagram has followed on from other social media platform Snapchat and has essentially ‘copied’ and introduced a stories feature. Since the launch of Instagram stories in August 2016 many consumers of Instagram first disregarded this feature and thought it pointless, as this feature already exists and is available to them via another social media platform they utilise. However, after a few weeks and consumers getting to grips with this new feature, it made much more sense as well as easier for users to slide to the left to access the story features rather than closing and opening another app to use the exact same if not very similar features. Due to Instagram’s users being almost double the amount of Snapchat’s users even before this new feature was released it allowed for individuals who had not yet signed up to Snapchat to access the features they had not had the chance to before.

To conclude this established Instagram’s position among other social media platforms as many users now prefer and use Instagram’s alternative. If you would like to find out more about changes within the media, take a look at the rest of our blogs here. Don’t hesitate to drop us an email on or have a chat about redesigning your own business’ website in relation to the current trends in social media and web design Surrey, call us on 01252 413 757– one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to help you.