As a surrey marketing agency that specialises in social media, SEO and PPC, we know the benefits of social media marketing. Here’s a few reasons why social media marketing is worth investing in:


Trust Indicators

Our Surrey marketing agency knows that if someone stumbles across your company, chances are they will go looking for you on social media. In today’s day and age, if your page has no content, or you don’t even have any social media channels, this is a little off putting. Building up an engaged audience on social media can take some time, but once you have it it’ll be a great trust indicator for prospective customers. If someone is unsure about your brand and they go to your social media page where you have tons of followers, plenty of loyal fans and positive feedback, this could be the oomph they need to make them convert.


Reach new people

With half the world’s population on social media, this is a huge audience that you should tap into. Gone are the days when advertising was just a billboard or ad in a newspaper, integrated marketing strategies are where it’s at nowadays. Research shows it takes 5 to 7 interactions with a brand for a consumer to remember them.

With social media, by getting  your ads or organic posts out in front of new people you are increasing the awareness of your brand. And as an award-winning Surrey marketing agency we can tell you the following. By using an integrated marketing strategy that combines SMM, SEO and PPC, you’re increasing the likelihood of someone seeing your brand and remembering it. 


Customer Journey

With social media marketing, unlike Google PPC ads or organic search, you’re catching people at a different stage of the customer journey. When someone has entered a search term into Google, they are actively looking for that product or service. This audience is already warmed up and ready to convert.

With social media on the other hand, people are just scrolling through their phone or computer, and aren’t actively looking for a product or service. It could be that they’ve never heard of your brand before, or the products and services you’re offering. In the first instance when they first discover you, they may not be ready to convert. But after a few interactions with your brand, they’ll be much more likely to buy from you.


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