Over the past year or so, video has been a popular format in web design. Offering a unique aspect to any web page, incorporating a video into your website will create a more engaging and aesthetically pleasing website, separating you from your competitors and ultimately leading to more sales. Having just introduced a videographer to our team of Surrey-based digital experts, this week we have been scouring the web for the most innovative and beautiful web designs that incorporate videos, to get our creative juices flowing. So sit back and relax as we bring you our Top 10 Videos in Web Design.


1. Relatos Salvajes

The Spanish film Relatos Salvajes features not one, but two videos on their website. Both videos are accessible via the home page and start playing when the cursor is hovering over the video. What we especially like about this design is the textured navy blue overlay featured on the videos when they are not playing. This is definitely an inspirationally unique approach to web designs with videos.


2. Orillo Productions

Being a video production company, video takes centre stage in the design of Orillo Productions’ website. The initial landing page acts as a portfolio showcasing Orillo’s work, with a simple yet elegant typography of their logo over the top. As soon as a user visits the site, they get to see what Orillo Productions is all about, without having to navigate through the site, creating a very user-friendly end product.

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3. Hashtag My Ass

The video incorporated into this web design serves as a brilliant introduction to the site, developing into a subtle background image with the record spinning on a loop, providing a constant reminder of the topic of the website. Unlike other videos on this list, Hashtag My Ass employs a very minimalistic approach, creating a very calm tone.

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4. Twin Pine Journey

The video on Twin Pine Journey’s website is the main focus of their beautifully bespoke, parallax-style web design. Featured at the top of the page, this video is magnificently minimalistic, connoting the ever so popular vintage vibe. The video is a constant loop of travelling through a country road, conveying the message of the key services that Twin Pine provides, without being too overbearing. It adds a nice little flair to the site, helping it stand out from their competitors.

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5. Spotify

The music streaming company Spotify’s video on their web page is sleek and stylish. With a simple overlay of typography saying “Music for every moment”, their video wonderfully reflects this. Featuring breathtakingly beautiful scenic shots of outdoor locations and wonderfully heartwarming scenes of couples/people, this example conveys the simple message of the joy that music, and utilising Spotify, can produce.

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6. My Provence Festival

Showcasing scenic snippets of the Marseille Provence through the eyes of artists, this web design is very appealing. From stylistic scenic shots to action shots of the artists themselves, this video presents Marseille in a very positive light to its audience. Acting as a landing page, once the video is finished you are automatically taken to the main website, where you are able to explore. This removes the possibility of the video becoming a nuisance (especially as it incorporates sound) in the background and grabs your attention straight away.

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7. The Yacht Company

The Yacht Company has taken a brilliant approach to the video on their website. Rather than showcasing the Yachts, this example depicts the advantages that having a yacht can offer. The narrative follows a family holiday, featuring all the activities they take part in as a result of having a yacht, and represents a sense of togetherness and fun, connoting family closer together.

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8. Nike Air Jordans

The video featured on the Nike Air Jordan site is a brilliant showcase of the product. Following a narrative of pro and amateur basketball players alike, it illustrates the impact that owning a pair of these shoes can have on a player, with the repetition of slam dunks, gameplay, and happiness. The Air Jordan video represents the shoes to be a must-have in a short amount of time, brilliantly fulfilling its purpose.


9. Story and Heart

What we particularly like about the video on the Story and Heart website is the use of typography. Unlike most of the videos on this list, it is not featured in the centre of the web design, but located on the left-hand side, letting the video be the centre of attention. This lets the user fully experience all the examples of stock footage they have available at first glance.

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From the examples above, the impact a video can have on a web design is evident to see. Not only is incorporating video more pleasing to the eye, but it is also more engaging and results in a better user experience. If you have any of your own favourite videos in web design, please feel free to let us know in the comments, or better yet send us a ; we’d love to hear from you.


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