As a local web design Surrey Digital Agency, our team here at Thunderbolt Digital are big fans of all things Google, and like to keep up to date with changes to their web design and any updates to their services so we know exactly how we (and our clients) will be affected by them. With the ever increasing threat of cyber attacks, it’s no surprise that internet users are looking for something a little more secure than a crackable password to protect their online accounts, and Google are taking this to heart with their current test of a password-free login for their services

But how does one login without a password, you might wonder. Well, it’s simple (and perhaps a little predictable) – your smartphone, of course! So how does it work, then? Our web design Surrey team found that first, the two-factor login system requires you to enter your Google email address as normal, but then instead of prompting you for a password, the screen gives you a sequence of numbers which you can then enter on your phone after receiving a push notification. This is just another example of our online lives becoming more integrated and connected than ever before, but this time with the hopeful aim of keeping things more secure!

As a major cloud provider, it only makes sense that Google would move forward with plans to make things easier and more secure for their large user base, just as Yahoo has already done with SMS codes and authentication keys. However, whilst two-factor authentication is in theory supposed to secure your account against remote hackers, it also has the reverse effect of meaning that your account can become far more vulnerable to those who could gain access to your phone, which highlights the importance of screen lock PINs for those who may not trust those around them. Loss of your phone shouldn’t prevent much of a security risk, however, Google assures, as remote access via your phone can be removed in your account settings once you’re logged in elsewhere.

The web design Surrey team want to know what you think about Google’s latest move? Is a password-free account something you’d be interested in using, or something you’d be wary of? Let us know over on one our social media accounts!

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