Digital marketing agency and local web design Surrey based company; Thunderbolt Digital offers professional services ranging from graphic design to social media marketing and management. As a digital agency with a top class and highly skilled team of developers and designers, we consider ourselves well experienced in the art of professional and memorable logo design. Here is our handy checklist so you can check whether you are making the most of your logo design.

Is it simple?

A logo is an emblem for your company, not your entire sales pitch. Keep your design clear and simple. Your audience is more likely remember a single image than something with a great deal of detail.

Is it cliché?

Certain fonts are used so often in branding they have become cliché. Avoid fonts like Helvetica which is the favourite of brands such as Nestle, Skype, Toyota, Panasonic and many more. Make sure your logo is not a parody or pastiche of another company’s. While that may be briefly memorable, you put your company at reach through copyright.

For a truly unique icon, why not have someone create custom text for your logo? The most unique logos are often the most memorable.

Is it versatile?

If your logo works excellently on your website but not your business cards or your social media, it’s not suitable for use. Make sure your logo would look as presentable on a printed display as it would on a mobile app. Simple designs are excellent for this, especially those that look professional in a multitude of colours.

Why that colour?

Colours carry connotations. Reds denote youth, excitement and boldness whilst monotone logos are examples of calmness, neutrality and balance. Make sure the colour of your logo is appropriate to the nature of your business. For example, a theme park with monotone branding would perhaps seem dull compared the one with bright orange and blue branding of Thorpe Park

What does it mean?

Whilst your logo is not there to tell a story, it can have a story behind it. The Apple logo has a ‘byte’ taken out of it whilst the bird of the Twitter logo is flying upwards to denote increasing popularity. Putting a little extra creativity into your logo can form something truly memorable.

If you’d like to give your logo design an update, why not call in the experts – Surrey based digital agency Thunderbolt Digital! With a full in house team, we would be delighted to help you with design, development, social media marketing and a whole range of other digital marketing services. Call our logo design Surrey based team today at 01252 413757 or drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to answer any enquiries you might have!