Thunderbolt Digital are a local Surrey web design agency that also offers an array of other digital services including social media management and search engine optimisation (SEO). The team here are big fans of technological advances that can make life a little easier as well as help our team stick to tight schedules and looming deadlines, which is why we thought we’d share the latest news from Amazon!

It can sometimes feel like Surrey is left behind in the dust when it comes to nationwide offers and events, so it was actually rather exciting to see Amazon announce that they’d be rolling out their Ultra Fast delivery service to not only Surrey, but Hampshire and Berkshire too! Purchasing what we want and need online has become increasingly commonplace due to modern life’s busy schedules, but our work and social life can also mean that we end up missing these deliveries when they finally do come, making these 1 – 2 hour delivery slots something of a natural progression for an e-commerce giant like Amazon.

As well as new releases from their film and video game categories, customers can also order essentials like coffee and milk, so if everyone gets an “attack of the lazies” then Amazon are ready to rush to the rescue, albeit with certain provisos: the order must total at least twenty pounds, and a £6.99 delivery fee will be charged for the trouble. Oh, and you have to be a member of Amazon Prime, too. Whilst many people may see this as too much hassle, and will be content waiting a few days in order to receive their items under the company’s generous free delivery system, there are certainly those impatient or perhaps desperate enough to buy into a service like this (forgotten birthdays and last minute gifts, anyone?).

The Surrey web design team at Thunderbolt were a bit gutted to find out that our office just missed out on being able to receive one-hour deliveries but we are pretty delighted to see that we’re eligible for the only slightly less speedy two-hour delivery service. If you’re wondering whether you live in an area covered by Amazon’s Prime Now delivery service, then you can check whether your postcode is eligible here.

Have you used Amazon Prime’s ultra fast delivery service yet? Or do you think the whole thing’s completely ridiculous? Let us know what you think over on our Twitter!

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