Thunderbolt Digital offer bespoke website design and marketing services across London, Surrey and the surrounding counties. Whether your business has a website that needs updating or is yet to take the first steps into online success, here are our top reasons for investing in a new website.

  1. Having a modern representation of your brand online will show to audiences that you have a modern business that offers modern solutions. Apologies for the over use of the word modern there! A new website design will help you to show off new products or services and will show people that your business is doing well and staying current. By refreshing your online presence you will maintain or attract new audiences.
  2. Keep up with the competition, or better yet, surpass them. When consumers compare businesses it is often by visiting their websites; so by having an innovative design that is individual to your brand you will make your business all the more memorable.
  3. Boost your search engine rankings. Search engine marketing is of critical importance, and a cutting edge website with up to date content will push your business higher in the rankings.
  4. Make your business mobile friendly. More and more people are browsing the internet on smartphones or tablets so it is crucial to have a website that is mobile friendly (responsive). This will boost the variety of platforms through which potential customers can find out more about your business.
  5. A growing business needs to be easy to contact or interact with. It is key to make sure that contact information is easy to find so customers can contact you before losing interest. Having a clear, easy to navigate website will ensure this is the case. Customers also like to be able to interact with businesses online, so having a contact or comments box could be a good idea. It is also important to interact with your audience via social media – why not talk to us about a social media marketing plan?



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