Designing a website can often be a stressful and overwhelming process. There is much to consider from site architecture, calls to action, domain names and much more. Thus, the colour scheme of your website can often become an afterthought amongst the million and one other things that need to be considered. 

Too often, little to no thought is put into a website’s colour palette. However, your choice of colours online can have a huge impact on your audience. It can say a lot about your brand’s identity and can have an unconscious affect on your audience in how they perceive your company. As experts in website design in Surrey, we understand the impact colour can have on your audience. For this reason, we have compiled this list of some of the top website colour trends you should consider for your business. 


Soft Tones 

In recent years, soft tones have become increasingly popular for websites online. Softer and more minimal tones have a classy look that can be very appealing. By combining these sorts of colours with minimal text, your brand is presented as simple and straight to the point. Another benefit of using softer tones on your website, is that it can help highlight website images. 


Retro Colour Schemes

In 2022, many businesses are opting for a more retro and nostalgic colour scheme for their business. Whether it be colours trending from the 80’s, 70’s or even earlier, there are plenty of gorgeous colours to choose from. You can even adapt these colours to have a more modern twist. By implementing retro colours and elements within a new modern design, you can evoke feelings of trust and familiarity to your brand. As the saying goes, what’s old is new. 


Earth Tones 

Especially if you are a business that sells healthy foods, plants or agriculture, earth tones can be a great choice for your website design. Hints of green, grey and light brown can provide a natural, simplistic aesthetic that can be very appealing. You should use these tones sparingly. You should aim to provide a colour scheme that is not too busy. These tones will help add more life to your website without being too distracting. 


Luxury Black Colour Schemes

Often people use black quite sparingly in website design. People usually reserve it for text despite the fact that it can make for a great background colour when used more prominently. People often associate black with luxury and class. Many brands, such as Spotify, Apple and more implement black as a way of providing a slick look that is bold and gets straight to the point. 


Summary – Don’t Allow Your Websites Colour Scheme to be an Afterthought

The choice of colours you select for your website online can impact the way customers view your site on an unconscious level. Whether it includes more retro based colour palettes that give visitors a sense of familiarity or slick minimal black and white designs, make sure to consider how you want your customer to feel when exploring your site. 


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