As a local digital agency and web design Farnham based company, Thunderbolt Digital offers a large variety of professional services all the way from social media management to web design and development. As a top class digital agency with an team of highly professional web designers and developers, we make sure to keep up with the latest demands upon our services. With more people using their mobiles and tablets to access the internet each day, here at Thunderbolt Digital, we know the importance of having a website that works on a variety of devices.

So how can you update your site into one that works for mobile? Well it is important to consider the limitations of the medium. However large the screen of the latest iPhone may be, it won’t have the dimensions of a computer screen. Space is limited on mobile so make sure to keep your pages focused, displaying only the most necessary information in a concise format. The user is more likely to remain on a site where they don’t have to constantly zoom in to see what they need. The layout is also important; a single column format works best because the user can simply scroll down if necessary rather than zooming in and out.

You may also need to change how your page will be navigated. Having links dominating the top bar will push the content down away from the user’s attention. Dropdown lists are one method to keep pages uncluttered. Placing links to content in a dropdown list whilst leaving any search boxes accessible could create a clearer page design. It also helps to make sure your mobile site is as touch-screen friendly as possible by considering the format of your links. Small text links are difficult to tap accurately due to the size of people’s fingers. Presenting your links in clearly defined boxes or making them larger and separate assists with this.

If you would like help adapting your site for mobile, then Thunderbolt Digital are here to help. We’re a local web design Farnham company that covers a whole range of digital marketing services including web design, mobile web, web development, digital design and much more! Our in house team and can create a custom website exactly to your specifications and adapt it to mobile for you in the process. To find out what we can do for you, why not contact us today at 01252 413 757 or you can email us at Our friendly digital marketing team would be happy to assist with any queries you may have!