As a local Farnham digital agency and web design Surrey company that also offers top class social media management, Thunderbolt Digital takes great pride in keeping up with the latest tech news surrounding web design, apps and social media so that we can keep ahead of the game and deliver effective services to our clients. What’s caught our attention in the industry of late is the new Apple app Peach.

We’ve all heard of Blackberry, Apple and even Raspberry Pi but it seems that there’s yet another fruit to join the ranks (albeit as software rather than hardware!) – the social networking app ‘Peach’. This spanking new app was created by Dom Hofmann, the founder of Vine (another hugely popular app), so it seems that we can expect a lot from this app already. So, what makes it so special? Well, aside from the usual functions you’d expect to find on many social networking apps, Peach also has the ability to share GIFs, user-generated drawings, star ratings, waves, and more! A USP that Peach is keen to push is the idea of using ‘Magic Words’ to help navigate and use the app such as using ‘here’ to check in, ‘draw’ to start scribbling on your screen, ‘shout’ to create a message in large letters, and so on (a full list can be seen here.

On top of that, Peach remains, so far, ‘app-only’ which means that there’s no way to view content from Peach on a browser – it can only be seen via the app, and if you have express permission to see it. So, something a bit like a more contained (and even more interactive) Facebook, though only available on the Apple App Store.

Now, we here at Thunderbolt Digital are avid lovers of all things Google (including android devices and operating systems) but that doesn’t mean that we’d ever ignore developments from Apple! We’re a little bit disappointed that this app is only available on iOS so far, but increasing popularity may possibly lead to it branching out elsewhere – only time will tell! Time will also tell as to whether this app can effectively be used for social media marketing; after all the ‘equal relationships’ and focus on friendships seem like it may not lend itself well to brands, but Facebook started off in a similar fashion, but eventually adopted pages and groups. If Peach makes it through the year, perhaps we’ll all be seeing and using a lot more of it!

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