Thunderbolt Digital are a digital marketing and web design Surrey based digital agency offering local businesses and SMEs of the surrounding areas a whole range of vital services including web design and development, social media management, hosting, search engine optimisation and more. As a digitally focused business, Thunderbolt is a great appreciator of online services that can help aid the day to day running of things, such as screen sharing, contact databases, and cloud storage.

With many different companies offering smart storage options for both personal and corporate use, there is a constant battle to offer customers either something unique or the best value for money in order to stand out, something which Microsoft initially hoped to do with their offer of unlimited storage for OneDrive users last year, which they then scaled back to 1TB (5GB for users of the free version) this November once it became clear that a few individuals wanted to test the limits of this rather generous offer.

However, the company faced a pretty big backlash for this decision and over 72,000 users signed a petition requesting its reversal, claiming that it was unfair to penalise all users because of a rogue few. Microsoft have refused to back down about removing unlimited storage, but the company has instead offered a compromise to its customers – old users who were entitled to more than 1TB of storage will be able to keep it for the next year (with the option of a refund for those unhappy with this) and free users will be entitled to a free year of Office 365 Personal, with the corresponding 1TB of storage. Microsoft is also offering 15GB storage for ‘their biggest fans’ although it’s a little unclear as to who exactly falls into that category.

Stories like this are always a good reminder as to why fair use policies should be put in place wherever ‘unlimited’ packages are being offered by a company, in order to prevent certain users from taking advantage as well as loss of client trust when the offer inevitably has to be amended.

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