As a company that excels in professional web design Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital always love to keep up with the latest changes to our favourite sites, whether they be for better or worse. Twitter have caused a lot of controversy in the past with rumours of potential changes but it seems that we might be finally getting the long-awaited changes to the character limit!

Twitter are poised to make a groundbreaking change next week, meaning we might all start to see tweets that are just that little bit longer! Well, longer isn’t exactly accurate – the limit is still 140 characters as always, the change set to happen will instead mean that media attachments (like pictures, gifs, polls, and videos) will not eat into this allowance, meaning that personal and business accounts will be able to create more meaningful captions to accompany the media that they upload!

This update will certainly be welcome to casual users, but will also be massively helpful for marketers and small businesses, who often have to battle against Twitter’s character limit on a daily basis; it’s a well known fact that pictures (and gifs and videos) increase engagement and are more appealing than text-only posts, making them something of a ‘must have’, but this leaves marketers struggling to appropriately caption the posted media in what little characters they have left; something which will hopefully be less of an issue in future!

Twitter’s character limit has been hotly debated before but the company stands by its original 140 characters, and have stated that this compromise is about adding greater flexibility for users whilst maintaining the platform’s core feature.

Things are still not set in stone, however, as it is reported that username mentions won’t count towards the limit, but links still might take up their usual 23 characters, although twitter has yet to confirm either, along with a potential release date, although The Verge has reported that we are likely to see the change from next Monday, the 19th September.

This change has been on the cards for a while and has been reported as early back as May, but it seems that Twitter are finally ready to roll out these eagerly anticipated changes, which is something we simply can’t wait for! We’re bound to be using and abusing these updates as soon as they appear, so make sure you keep an eye out for our Twitter, and be sure to post your own pictures that take advantage of the new limit!

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