Websites come in all shapes, sizes, colours, formats and platforms. Sometimes it’s hard to realise what kind of website best suits your business. As experts in website design in Surrey, we know what it takes to create a good website, here’s a quick guide to what would suit you best. 

Website Design Surrey – What you need to know


These are the most common forms of websites. It is a basic website with limited functionality, but is clean cut, having separate pages for each product or service. Generally it will have a header that looks something like this: Home, About Us, Products, Testimonials, Contact Us. This is what most sites will need and may well be the best option for your company. 



If you are selling anything directly from your website, you need an ecommerce website. Whatever you are selling, whether it’s jewellery or toilets, this is what you need. You can add in functionality like Shopify to be your purchase gateway. This allows you to both display your products, explain your brand and everything else you need all on one website, rather than having to sell through a third party seller like Amazon or Ebay. 


Single Page

This type of website is the simplest. Sometimes a website doesn’t need a hundred different features or pages in order to create sales or leads. It is quite often the case that a website viewer will actually be more engaged when everything is all in one place. The user experience design (UX) is much simpler and easy to use. A website like this can work well for a company that provides a service rather than products. You can split the page into the services you provide and then have the contact section at the bottom. This allows the viewer to follow the page and end up where you want them to, resulting in more people calling or getting in touch with you. 

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