One of the major components that Google takes into consideration when ranking websites is whether a site is mobile friendly or not. However, with all the talk surrounding mobile-friendly websites, you may be asking “ what is a mobile friendly website?”. This guide from a team of Surrey web design specialists will explore what it means for a website to be mobile friendly and why it is important. 

What is a Mobile Friendly Website 

A mobile friendly website refers to one that works in the exact same way across multiple different devices. Furthermore, this means that nothing changes or is made unusable when browsing your site either on a computer or mobile device. Additionally, when a site is adapted for mobile purposes, certain features are often limited such as navigation drop-downs, in order to make the site easier to use for mobile. 

Why Is It Important? 


A mobile -friendly website can help boost sales and conversations as a result of the ease of accessibility for this website design. By having a website that is mobile-friendly, users can easily interact and engage with your brand online across several devices without any inconvenience. Accessibility in this regard is essential in aiding long-term customer loyalty. For this reason alone, you should definitely invest in making your site more friendly for mobile users. 

Perceived Credibility and Trust 

It is important to establish trust with your audience online when trying to capture new markets and maintaining existing ones. It is important that customers are able to access your online brand whenever they wish. By being able to do this at any time, customers can be assured that your business is credible, reliable and trust-worthy. This is especially important, in a world where we are all bombarded with messages, advertisements and promotions. A mobile-friendly site will help you stand out. 

Improving SEO 

One of the most important reasons why you should definitely consider a mobile-friendly site is that it can help increase sales and conversions. Furthermore, Google’s Algorithm prioritises mobile-friendly websites. For this reason, it is essential that your website is mobile-friendly in order to maintain a high SEO ranking. In most instances, a website that is mobile friendly will out rank and outperform, non mobile-friendly sites. In the modern age, everyone has a smartphone that they use to look at websites online. If your website does not accommodate for this, it will fall behind and companies like Google and Bing recognise this.


A mobile friendly website is a particularly worthy investment. It helps improve your SEO so that your site ranks higher on search engines such as Google.  Additionally, it shows your brand to be professional, trustworthy and credible. Lastly, it makes your brand accessible to your audience so they can reach you with any device they choose. 

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