We are experts in digital marketing in Surrey and across the UK. We are constantly being asked how to tackle different platforms online. With Instagram cropping up again and again as one of the more confusing options for our customers, it’s important that you understand how to reach your intended audience.  

Be Social

Even if you don’t have any comments on your uploads to reply to, try and engage with others on the platform. Our experts in digital marketing in Surrey recommend interacting with accounts similar to yours. It’s a great way to get noticed and increase traffic to your page. But remember to keep your comments relevant and sincere.  Get noticed for the right reasons, not because you’re spamming popular accounts with irrelevant comments. The same goes for marketing on Facebook, click the link to our other blog where we discuss this.  


Use Those Tags

The maximum number you can add to any post is 30. It’s vital that you keep them to around 10 – 15 to avoid looking too spammy or bot-like.


Not sure what to tag? Think about your business’s keywords. Check out accounts similar to yours to see what they’re using. If you’re stuck you can also use tools like Autohash to help you, but it’s best to use these as a springboard rather than come to rely on them.


Remember to keep tags relevant and avoid spamming popular tags for short term gains which don’t translate to long term benefits. 


Go the Extra Mile With Digital Marketing in Surrey

Social media can seem simple at first glance, but there’s more to posting than selecting a picture. You’d be surprised at the number of businesses that are losing out just by doing the bare minimum of posting pictures. It only takes a little extra work to make all the difference!


You can do this by jazzing up your profile with saved stories to introduce your brand. Remember to geotag posts or creating grid layouts to give your page that wow factor. Profiles can only post one link, but tools such as Linktree can allow you to have a list or hub of other links to direct customers to where you want them to go.


Even something as simple as posting the odd video or boomerang will help your profile stand out. Geotagging can help increase your reach and writing interesting captions when you post is a great way to encourage engagement!


Contact Our Digital Marketing Team in Surrey

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