Marketing can seem tricky from the outside when marketers use big words or technical language. But really it’s not as complicated as it seems. There are certain aspects of marketing that can be focused on in order to boost their ability to achieve for your brand. When it comes to marketing, it all revolves around your customer. In order to appeal to them it can take some time and effort to understand them. With these following tips, you can really make forward strides with your brand and marketing strategy. 


Understand your point of difference


What is your point of difference? Your companies’ point of difference is the aspect of your brand that your competitors don’t have, it’s what makes you stand out from the crowd. This is something that you need to be extremely familiar with in order to promote it well. When doing any marketing, this aspect is what you want to highlight at any opportunity. Why? Because it entices your audience that your business is the only one that can provide them with that difference. It is commonly things like: free returns, 24/7 call support, or it could well be just the fact that you offer a wider range of products or colours than our competitors. It doesn’t have to be a spectacular difference, just something that you can show your customers that makes them think, “oh that’s good, i’m going to buy from them.”


Engage with your audience 


Each product or service always has a different audience. You need to be able to see who your audience are as people. Not just their ages and general demographics like that; you need to know their hobbies, hopes, aspirations. These are all things you can target with your marketing. Even down to a specific post code and average household income, these are things that you can pull from your marketing arsenal to help you get to the right people with your ads. Why not try and find someone you know that would be in that audience, discuss with them what they would like to see in an ad, and what would make them buy your product in particular. 


Market in the right way 


Depending on your audience, you will market in a different way. Facebook is better for targeting those over 35, whereas Instagram and apps like TickTock, are much more effective for those aged between 16-25. You need to factor this into your marketing strategy. Using google ads for targeting your audience can be effective for all ages. Try using a cookie tracker to show your ads to those that have viewed your competitors sites. Your keywords can be adjusted overtime to see which are more effective, don’t be afraid to chop and change your copy or even the time of the day that your ad is shown. The best way to find the right method is experimentation. 


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