Blogs are an important part of business content marketing. Blogs can be a great asset to your marketing strategy. They are a long term solution to improve your website’s SEO score and can have many benefits. As a digital agency in Surrey, we use blogs as part of our weekly marketing output and have seen great results. 


Add Your Keywords for an SEO Boost

Blogs are a key way of boosting your SEO. By adding regular new content to your website, Google registers that your site is active and thinks that it is therefore more relevant and places you higher in search rankings. Furthermore, by adding specific keywords you can rank higher for the phrases of your choice. 


News Updates 

Blogs are a great way to keep in regular touch with your customers. They can be posted on your social media platforms and added to email newsletters as well as posted to your website. Blogs could be on new changes in the business such as a new employee or a recent achievement. Or you could write one regarding a new product or service that you have started. It allows your customers to engage with your brand on a deeper level and see the people and culture behind the product. Sharing details about your employees also means that potential customers can see who they will be working with.


Trends and Market Changes

Another style of blog is to show how your company is reacting to changes in the market. Whether by introducing new products or adapting to new trends from platforms such as TikTok. They can alert your customer base to new offers or a competition you’re running. This will keep the interest of your clients and result in repeat business or a wider knowledge of you for prospective customers. 



Less commonly known outside of marketing, blogs can act as a backlink. This is a ‘do follow’ link that comes from websites with high domain authority. In essence, you post your blog or article on another website which will boost your domain authority and keyword rankings on search engines. This will help to improve your website search engine ranking.


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