Thunderbolt Digital is a professional online marketing company in Surrey with a penchant for sharing tips with like-minded business owners. If you’re anything like us (and, truthfully, most other businesses) you’ll be engaging in some sort of social media marketing campaigns (if you aren’t, then that’s something you’ll need to rectify immediately!) so you should have an idea of how important Facebook is. But do you really know the scale? Check out these statistics to find out more:


  1. There are 2.2 billion monthly active users worldwide and 1.45 billion daily active users (Facebook DAU) across the globe with 1.15 billion of these being users of the mobile app, which represent a 13% and 23% increase on previous years respectively.
  2. Across all active users, daily active users make up 66% of the audience (compared to monthly active users)
  3. 76% of women and 66% of men use Facebook
  4. 300 million photos are uploaded daily, with 136,000 uploaded hourly
  5. The average length of a single Facebook visit is 20 minutes
  6. Mobile accounts for 88% of Facebook’s ad revenue
  7. The Facebook Like and Share buttons are viewed across almost 10 million websites every day


So, what can we learn from these statistics? For a start, we’re able to see that Facebook is a massive platform that only continues to grow, with a vast majority of users regularly returning to the site, making it the perfect place to find your audience and focus your marketing efforts.

Along with regularly returning audiences, users prove to be consistently engaged with the platform (as opposed to simply passively scrolling). However, users don’t spend too long on Facebook, and there is a lot of content competing for users attention – this is why targeting and quality content is a must!

High numbers of both genders use Facebook, so marketing to either of them (or both) shouldn’t be difficult (compare to platforms like Pinterest, whose user base is largely female).

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