As 2018 draws to a close, Thunderbolt Digital like to look ahead to the new year, so that we can begin to plan how we can next shake up digital marketing in Surrey! A lot of us create New Year resolutions for ourselves, but have you ever thought of some for your business? We have! Follow along with us, and maybe you’ll see 2019 be your best year yet!


Commit to your blog

Aside from boosting your SEO, creating content for your blog gives you something to regularly post to your social media that will drive traffic to your website – certain members of your audiences will be more likely to engage with blogs than more overt advertising if the topic is something they’re interested in or find useful. Of course, once there, these people may stick around and explore your website and product (or service) a little further- this is where you’ll want to look at your conversion strategy for web visitors.


Be Consistent

While we’re on the topic of committing to things, a good things to focus on next year is how often you’re posting to social media channels. As experts at digital marketing in Surrey, we know that disappearing for weeks or months at a time before posting a glut of content over the course of a few hours or days really isn’t the best way to go about things! Spread content out and try and stick to some sort of schedule, whether that be daily or a few times a week, make sure that your audience know what to expect from you – they’ll also be way more likely to actually see (and engage with) your content when it’s spread out like this.


Engage with your audience

The audience you already have on social media is one of the most value assets you can have; existing customers are much easier to sell to, and it can cost 5 times as much to get a return from a new customer compared to an existing one. Of course, we’re not suggesting abandoning all efforts to grow and expand your audience, merely reach out a little more to those already there. Reply to them on social media, and perhaps offer rewards for those who have been loyal for some time.

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