Thunderbolt Digital are a professional digital agency whose friendly team use their expertise to help local startups and SMEs with their social media management, web design, hosting, online marketing Surrey and more. We know many of you are already thinking about marketing opportunities for Christmas, but this doesn’t mean you should neglect the opportunities presented to you by Halloween! Yes, this spooky celebration isn’t as ubiquitous as Christmas is, but it’s definitely worth investing in, especially when it comes to online marketing, so here’s a few tips from us on what to do online this Halloween!

Making yourself useful to the customer and giving them value is always a priority, which is why it’s a good idea to post DIY tutorials for decorations, costumes, and recipes (our online marketing Surrey team love these!) – especially if you can find a way to link back to your brand, and possibly even include your products. If you cannot create or tweak your own ‘how to’ guides, then you can instead curate content and collate list of themed tutorials from places such as Pinterest.

Seasonal events like Halloween are also a great time to implement experiential marketing – why not organise fun activities like scavenger hunts to encourage consumers to visit your store? Some bigger companies can sometimes play pranks on their customers – but be wary of this strategy as there is a chance of this backfiring!

We’ve said before that content is king, and story-telling can result in very successful campaigns! So why not use this to your advantage around this spooky period, and perhaps get your audience to join in! Starting a story, and offering a giveaway for users who finish it off can result in a lot of engagement! Remember to balance the theme with Bonfire Night and try to feed into one another if possible. It’s a great time to really sell that cosy autumnal feeling!

If your online marketing Surrey gives you a bit of a fright and you need the help of industry professionals, then Thunderbolt Digital are ready and waiting to lend you a hand! Our fully in-house team are always excited to start new projects and help our clients gain traction online with not only exposure, but traffic and conversions too. If you’d like to know more about what we do, then email us today at or give us a call on 01252 413757; we’re always happy to discuss our services!