How did you get into digital marketing?

Before working at Thunderbolt, a Surrey marketing agency, I worked for my parents. They run a small art company that sells art predominantly at an art stall in the Apple Market in Covent Garden. Together we decided that an online platform could be a great opportunity to grow the business. This was something they hadn’t previously looked into and a new challenge for myself. I created an e-commerce website using a website builder and created a PPC campaign. This was my first taste of marketing and led me to seek a professional job in the industry. 

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Working at a digital agency in Surrey can be pretty busy. My day can be anything from running SEO and PPC campaigns to working on a branding workshop with a new client. My day-to-day varies and no two days are the same, it’s a creative, results-driven, fast paced work environment. 

I work with a multitude of companies across a number of industries, utilising the different marketing techniques and strategies that are required for each company. 

What are your goals for the future?

I have recently completed an apprenticeship in digital marketing. I am now looking to start a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Diploma in Professional Marketing in the new year. This will elevate my skills and knowledge within marketing and help me to achieve a management position in the future.

I believe that I have only scratched the surface of marketing and I am excited for what the future holds. 

What do you like to enjoy outside of work?

I have recently signed up for the 2022 Brighton marathon in April next year. I entered this to motivate myself to keep fit throughout the winter and to stay away from the pub. I have somehow learned to enjoy running and I hope to complete the marathon in a half decent time. 

What is your best advice to anyone starting out in marketing?

If you’re unsure where to start, being enrolled on the apprenticeship program whilst at a digital marketing agency has allowed me to go from relatively limited professional marketing knowledge to being confident in dealing with clients and running PPC and SEO campaigns in one year. The course allows you to gain the education needed to understand marketing whilst the work allows you to put it into practice. 

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