You may be wondering – what actually is the difference between PR and Marketing? And how do they work together? Our Surrey marketing agency understands that all the terminology can be confusing sometimes if you’re new to the marketing and PR world. PR and marketing overlap and intertwine, and communications professionals agree that marketing and PR are merging. So we understand that there can be some confusion about how they differ. 

What is PR?

PR is all about how you communicate with consumers and the methods of promoting yourself in the public space. It is a tool that you can use to build a positive reputation and strong brand image. PR can increase the awareness of your brand and share your unique selling point, helping to set you apart from your competitors. This works in sync with your overarching marketing strategy.


What is marketing?

Marketing uses a myriad of different marketing channels online to advertise your business. The core activities for SMEs are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Social Media Marketing & Advertising (SMM/SMA) and email marketing.

The goal of this is to lead to brand awareness, lead generation and growth from existing customers. 


How do marketing and PR work together?

So how do they work together? PR reinforces your marketing strategy, and when these elements of your business are working succinctly together. This increases your chance of success! 90% of PR agency professionals predict PR will become more integrated with marketing over the next five years. And as a Surrey marketing agency that specialises in PR and marketing, we know why! 

So while PR can work to build and maintain a strong brand image, marketing uses this information to work on your advertising campaigns to increase sales. You can use PR to provide brand credibility and share your point of difference, and communicate all these elements with your marketing campaigns. Using an integrated strategy increases brand awareness. By ensuring you have the same messaging across all the channels you use like social media, email marketing and ads, this maximises the chance of people recognising your brand!

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